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Nantucket, MA - Public Area Attendant, 18$ per hour

Nantucket, MA - Public Area Attendant, 18$ per hour


Job Title Public Area Attendant, Grounds Keeper 
Start date - Earliest 15 March 2022 Latest 15 May 2022
End date - Earliest 15 September 2022 Latest 15 November 2022 

Guaranteed salary/wage per hour before deductions 18.00 $ per hour Average hours per week 60 with overtime 

Housing - 150$ per week 

Guaranteed salary/wage per hour before deductions Employers must lawfully abide by their state and local minimum wage laws for tipped and non-tipped positions. As minimum wage increases annually, even if it is in the middle of a J-1 Summer Work Travel program, employers must follow their state minimum wage laws and increase pay for any employees who’s wages do not meet the new state minimum. Participants should be compensated the higher of federal, state or local minimum wage. If an employee’s tips combined with their hourly wage do not meet the minimum wage requirement, the employer must make up the difference.

- Employee must wear clean clothes and come to work prepared to talk to clients. - Regular bathing, shaving and dental hygiene are necessary.
- Solid pair of working shoes or boots.
- A few pairs of shorts or pants without holes.

Gloves and company logo t-shirts will be provided. No cost.


31 August 2022


Nantucket, MA, Premium