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ANCHORAGE, AK - Customer Service Representative - $14.70/ h + meals

ANCHORAGE, AK - Customer Service Representative - $14.70/ h + meals


Анкъридж (на английски: Anchorage) е най-големият град в щата Аляска, САЩ. Пристанищен град с голямо търговско и индустриално значение.

LSG Sky Chefs е една от най-големите компании за авиационен кетъринг и ресторантьорство.

Работни позиции: Customer Service Representative

- $14.90/ hour
- Housing: $125/ week
- Job description: The catering assistant is responsible for all aspects of catering and customer service, assisting the CSR as they work as a team to meet the needs of the customer and set up the catering according to customer guidelines.

Location: Anchorage, AK
Address: 4370 Old International Airport Road
Service type: Catering
Overtime: one and a half from pay rate
Hours: 40 + 
Second Job – Availbale
Employment dates: 10th of May - 30th of September
Minimum Requirement: Advanced English


11 September 2019